Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FENEEX Art Boutique Opens in Saratoga

One of our ARTAA members, Francelise Dawkins, has announced the opening of her new gallery and art boutique, named "FENEEX", located in the arts district of Saratoga Springs, NY. Filled with lovely pieces from the art community, FENEEX offers the sophisticated and fine arts collector an extraordinary opportunity for leisurely, discriminating shopping.

Francelise is a collage artist. With roots in France, she has taught or exhibited her work in countless venues around the United States (e.g., see below). FENEEX incorporates collages and wall art, clothing, handbags, jewelry and finely crafted cards in a constantly evolving display, much of it created by the artist/owner herself. The shop is intimate and airy with an eye appeal worthy of the most particular art connoisseur. Francelise hopes to develop collage classes and inspire community in her gallery/workplace setting.

Please make a point to visit FENEEX at 30 Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs, NY.

ARTAAfacts notes that ARTAA member Pat Spillane just returned from the AQS Quilt Show, Paducah, KY where she enjoyed personally meeting Ricky Tims, Laura Wasilowski, and saw many noted quilt artists in the crowd. A wonderful display of the works of Hollis Chatelain was on display at the National Quilt Museum, where Francelise Dawkins also has a piece she calls "Discovery" in the permanent collection there.

ARTAAfacts also reports that while at the show, Pat was thrilled to find memorabilia based on quilts by ARTAA member Diane Evans featured on luggage tags and decks of playing cards being sold at all of the AQS booths. There were piles of these 2010 keepsakes based on Diane's beautiful pieces, "Color My World" and "Pieces of Dreams". Pat couldn't help but tell perfect strangers that the artist was her friend!

ARTAAfacts is proud of ARTAA member Donnalynn Milford, also owner of the Northeast's most well known tea shop, "Sensibiliteas", for her part in earning a ribbon at the MQS Show in Providence, R.I. this month. The group quilt made by Donnalynn and several friends was called, "Girlfriends and Sunshine". Congratulations all.